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The webpage is owned by Nutricius d.o.o.

With your first use of, we will consider that you are fully acquainted with these conditions, that they are clear to you and that you accept them. If you do not agree with them, please do not access and do not use its content. If you have any questions or concerns regarding its use, please contact us on e-mail: During your use of the webpage, some changes on the webpage are possible, as well as the terms of use, so we advise you to review the terms of use periodically in order to get acquainted with the changes in time. We will consider that your subsequent use of implies your acceptance of the new terms of use. terms and conditions of use

Terms of use of the webpage NETFOODMATKET.COM apply to registered and unregistered visitors of the above mentioned site.

It is forbidden to:

  • publish, send, upload and/or exchange content which violates the valid Croatian regulations, including untrue, offensive, threatening, vulgar, abusive, racist and other contents which incite hatred of any kind, as well as infringement of copyright and other intellectual property rights, unauthorized disclosure of information which represent a business or another secret, private messages, personal data of a third parties or violate a third party's right to privacy
  • publish, send, upload and/or exchange content which violates children's rights, right to privacy of other users and third parties through all the contents on
  • publish, send, upload and/or exchange contents of which you are not the owner, or the copyright holder and/or holder of other intellectual property rights unless you have the author's permission to use these contents
  • use of content and functionality of in a way that is harmful to us, to other users, to our partners or to any other third party
  • impersonate any person with the purpose to threaten, manipulate, deceit or mislead us, other users or third parties through all the content on
  • Publish, send, upload or exchange unsolicited content to users or third parties without their prior consent or request, including multiple copies of the same or very similar material (spamming), chain letters, pyramid schemes etc.
  • any kind of disruption or preventing other users from using
  • collect, save, send or use any kind of personal data of users without permission
  • deliberately publish, send, upload and/or exchange content which contains computer viruses, worms, computer codes, files and programs designed to interrupt, limit the functionality or to destroy any computer program or any other computer and other equipment

Netfoodmatket.Com terms of use

  • For the purpose of publishing on, a user obliges to register and fill in his/her personal data and contact information in the registration form. Collecting the requested data is based on the Law on the Prohibition and Prevention of Performing Unregistered Activities. A user is legally responsible for his data accuracy. According to the Law on Personal Data Protection, all the gathered personal data is stored in personal data collection run by the head of
  • uses the analysis software to analyze the use of our website and thus gain valuable knowledge about the needs of our users with the aim of improving the quality of our offer. In this regard, the so-called cookies are used. Cookies are text files stored in the user's computer. They allow the identification of a user during their revisit to the website. It enables us to implement the above mentioned analyses of use. Cookies can be blocked or deleted through the appropriate settings on your browser. However, if you do so, some functions of our website cannot be fully used. The above mentioned software collects and stores some technical data as well, including the user’s IP address. We emphasize that we do not identify persons in any case, nor do we collect personal data. This data is also not linked to the personal information that the user has possibly revealed. By using this website you consent to the above described way of conducting the analysis of the website use.
  • All the announcements, ads, messages, texts, illustrations, photographs, videos and other materials (hereinafter called: Content) published on the website, transmitted or linked from the website are the sole responsibility of the person who originated such content. does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of such content. In case of any third party claims or demands towards regarding the compensation for damage, connected with the delivered content, a user takes full responsibility as well as the obligation to take all the measures to defend and protect from such claims or demands. A user will indemnify for any harm that occurred on the basis of the third party's claims, on any grounds connected with the delivered material.
  • All the possible disputes arising between users and advertisers (about the truthfulness of a user's or advertiser's data, content, items, offer price etc.) are settled solely between a user and an advertiser. is not responsible for any damage or harm emerging as a result of such relations.
  • The advertisement has to contain specific data about the selling item. The description has to refer solely to the selling item. It is not allowed to advertise other items, services, demands or anything else that is not directly the subject of sale. Users who open a profile on may enter additional data about their physical or online shop in the assigned fields.
  • Images in advertisements have to be the exact pictures of the selling item.
  • The advertisement has to be in the appropriate product category (for example, Goat cheese – milk and dairy products)
  • The advertisement title must describe the selling item. It is not allowed to enter other website titles or more of the same characters in a row (for example ******Goat cheese ********)
  • Advertisements inviting to participate in various internet marketing or pyramid games are not allowed. Advertisements inviting to illegal games of chance are also not allowed.
  • A user can only have one user name and can place only one advertisement in the appropriate product category for one item. It is not allowed to publish an advertisement for the same item in two different categories.
  • Legal persons, craftsmen and associations can sell and place advertisements on if they open a profile on
  • internet connections (links): It is allowed to link only to the additional description of the item. Links to other pages advertising various services are not allowed. Only the users having a profile on may place links on their own additional web shops set up apart from Links to sites that represent a competition to are not allowed. holds the right to evaluate which links will be approved or not.
  • holds the right to erase or not to publish advertisements which do not meet certain criteria. has the right to edit, change or not to publish advertisements without a notice in the following circumstances:
    • when an advertisement is placed in the wrong category
    • when a product and/or advertiser violates copyrights and/or other intellectual property rights
    • when a product may cause damage and/or violate other person's intellectual property rights in any way
    • when a product and/or advertisement content contains discriminatory aspects, (child) pornographic material or illegal materials according to Croatian law
    • when the content of one advertisement contains more products which are not placed in the appropriate product categories
    • when an advertisement is in any way offensive
    • when an advertisement is questionable in terms of advertising stolen or illegal goods
    • when an advertisement affects the quality of in any way
    • holds the right to change or complete advertisements without changing its content, in terms of filling up advertisements, editing interventions etc.
  • By publishing advertisements on a user agrees to reply conscientiously to inquiries of other users through phone or e-mail.
  • A user agrees to occasionally receive electronic e-mails related to the activities of Electronic mail may occasionally contain commercial advertisements as well as notices related to SPECIAL OFFERS. A user may, at any time, in written, request from to permanently or temporarily terminate the use of his personal data to send messages. In that period, freezes a user's registration which means that a user can no longer use functions which are intended for registered users only.
  • By their request to publish advertisements, users irrevocably authorize to use, copy, publish and distribute the content to other media, and when published in other media it will not reveal a user's personal data but only advertisement content with its link to webpage. It is not allowed to copy or use page or content including all the data given by users without a prior written consent by Nutricius d.o.o.
  • has the right to exclude a user who in any way violates the Terms and Conditions of Use or slows down or disrupts in any way the work of pages. Nutricius d.o.o. holds the right to take appropriate measures against such users, according to the laws. Terms and relations between users and Nutricius d.o.o. are a subject to the laws of the Republic of Croatia. In case of a dispute, a court with subject-matter jurisdiction in Zagreb is competent.
  • is not responsible for any damage which might arise due to non-publishing, deletion or interruption of webpage access, or errors occurring in the functioning of web page.
  • does not guarantee that a user will be able to access information from an advertisement once it expires. It is recommended to store the information and images from advertisements in order to use them subsequently.