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OPG Makaj deals with ECO cultivation of sweet potato and Chokeberry.

We offer orange and white sweet potato from our domestic ECO cultivation, seeds of Chokeberry and the main juice of Chokeberry.

The sweet potato is high-energy culture, with a lot of starch, very little sugar, has a highly interesting taste and is rich in minerals and vitamins. Due to the variation of minerals (K, CA, Mg, Fe) and vitamins (A, B, C, E), the sweet potato supplies the body with important antioxidants. Only 140 grams of sweet potato ensures the daily need for vitamin E which is highly important because it protects the body from heart difficulties and clogged veins. The recommendation is that sweet potato, regardless of the preparation, should be eaten 2-3 times weekly, in amounts up to 200 grams. It is an excellent and highly acceptable food for children and athletes, as it gives energy but does not add to fat. For food, use and conserve as you would a regular potato: cooked, baked, fried, mashed, in soup, in sweets, and also cookies.

Chokeberry is also known as the 'foodstuff of the future' due to its high healing capability for the human body. It effectively cleans the body of harmful substances and heavy metals and is therefore a useful preventive against many illnesses. As an outstanding antioxidant, chokeberry prevents the creation of free radicals and 'attacks' on healthy cells in the body and blood plasma, slowing down the process of the body's aging and the development of chronic diseases.

How do you drink the juice of the chokeberry? Consuming in the amount of 30-90ml daily. For healthy individuals, it is recommended they take one 30ml glass in the morning on an empty stomach before a meal. Individuals who are prone to colds should consume one small glass before every meal.

Free delivery in the Varaždin region. Discount depends on the amount.